We understand that deciding what to build and with whom to build can be a very difficult decision to make on your own. That’s why we are here to guide you through the whole process to make your first home purchase as easy as possible. Our team is committed to making your homeownership journey stress free.

All First Home Buyers benefit from a fixed price contract guarantee for all newly built homes. We offer value for money and communicate openly about building costs, processes, milestones and expected completion dates for your new home. There are no hidden costs and we will not push you into costly builds. Arista Homes is part of three new land estates in South East Queensland, find out more how you can join one of these amazing communities.

The First Home Buyers Grant is a state government initiative to help you purchase your new first home sooner. You could be eligible to receive $30,000 towards building your new house! Learn more about the grant at


get qualified

Step 1: Get Qualified

See if you are eligible for the $30,000 Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant.

choose a house design

Step 2: Choose a House Design

Select from our extensive range of home designs or custom build your new home!

build your first home

Step 3: Build Your First Home!

Build with Arista Homes and enjoy your high-quality new home!

Start Your First Home Owner Journey today!

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